Getting a Raise (part 1)

Brad's Description
upskirt picture see-through panties sheer pink vanity fair Step into Sonia's office. And step into an office where there is no such thing as sexual harassment. In fact, it's actually encouraged in this office! Sonia knows what she has to do to get a raise (yes, the pun is intended), and she does it so well :-) From the moment she comes into the office, she begins teasing you by giving you peeks at her pink stocking tops and peeks up her skirt at her VERY sheer pink briefs. When she squats down to get something from the storage cabinet, you see the lacy hem of her pink full-slip. And when she leans forward, you get some lovely glimpses of her breasts. As the day goes on, she unbuttons more and more of the little buttons holding the front of her dress together. You finally talk her into taking her dress off and showing you her pretty slip. And once you get there, it only takes a little more encouragement to get her to show you her pretty panties!
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