Hard at Work

Brad's Description
secretary in office wearing sheer panty-slip black stockings high-heels bra Yes. The pun is intended! :-) This is a terrific fantasy photo set! Imagine yourself going to work with a woman like Sonia everyday! This photo set follows that fantasy, and takes it a little further! It starts off with pictures of Sonia working in her office. You see her stocking tops as she sits in her chair. You see up her skirt as she bends over to pick something up, or squats down to look through a file folder on the ground. She turns in her chair, parting her legs slightly, giving a glimpse of the sheer black panties she's wearing under her skirt (you find out later that it's actually a sheer panty-slip). She leans over her desk, toward you, allowing a beautiful view of her cleavage! The phone rings, and you realize this is a private office, because Sonia responds by beginning to unbutton her top. It seems as though someone on the phone is talking her into removing her clothes right there in her office! She leaves the phone off the hook, so she can use both hands to take off her skirt...her top... 
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