Laundry Day (part 2)

Brad's Description
picture of woman doing laundry in panties garter and stockings As Sonia waits for her laundry in her pretty black bra and panties, she decides to change into a pair of black full-fashion stockings and black pumps. You can see right through the sheer fabric of her stockings as she holds them up, preparing to slide them on. When her delicates are dry, she takes them out of the dryer and tries some of them on.... first a see-through ivory half-slip, then a pair of satin lavender bikini panties, white satin bikini panties, a black half-slip, and finally an old-fashioned two layered black crinoline slip. Then, with all of her wash finished, Sonia puts her black bikini panties with the ruffled butt, back on and heads back upstairs with her basket of goodies! 
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