Lingerie Shopping

Brad's Description
upskirt pantyhose peek mini-skirt high-heels In this photo set, you go lingerie shopping with Sonia! As you help her out of the car, you get your first peek at her sheer white thong panties. Following her into the lingerie shop, you watch as she browses the racks of garters, squating down to reach the lower racks. When she bends at the waist to pick something up off the floor, she gives you a beautiful peek up her skirt! Then, as Sonia browses the upper racks, you bend down behind her for a low-angle look up her skirt. You're just inches away from her, looking at one of the most beautiful sites imaginable! Then, she moves to the mirror, and pulls down her top to see how a leather dominatrix outfit will fit over her breasts. Still in front of the mirror, she lifts up her skirt to hold a garter in front of her and see how it looks. This set of pictures contains some of the best and most revealing views up her dress Sonia has taken. It was fun and exciting for both of us to shoot all of these pictures in public!
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