Love in an Elevator (part 2)

Brad's Description
secretary wearing silky half-slip see-through panties stockings and high-heels Sonia gets even more daring in this second part of the Elevator series. After part 1, we went back to the room to download the pictures from our camera, and have another sip of champagne, which must have given Sonia even more confidence! We headed back out into the hallway where I caught some great shots of Sonia lifting up her leather skirt and adjusting her garters, then opening her leather jacket (bustier no longer underneath) and exposing herself from the waist up, as she walked onto the elevator. This time, once in the elevator, Sonia unzips her skirt and slides it down her legs, so that she is now standing in the elevator with nothing on but stockings, garters, thong panties and heels. If anyone had pushed the elevator button at that moment, I don't think she could have covered herself before the door opened! Sonia even went as far as to remove her panties on the elevator before hastily putting on her skirt and walking back to the room - jacket hanging off her arms. The series ends with three pictures as Sonia gets in bed. It seems someone has put some kind of wrist straps on her, and will soon take advantage of her in this helpless position!
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