Mandalay Bay

Brad's Description
exhibitionist picture outdoors in panties stockings high-heels The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, is such a beautiful tropical setting. It was perfect for taking some outdoor exhibitionist pictures of Sonia. As we walked around the grounds, Sonia found many places to stop and tease, as I took pictures. In the trees, she pulled down the top of her dress, then lifted up the hem, showing her pink bikini panties. She even dropped her dress to the ground, leaving herself in just her panties, pink stay-up stockings, and pink pumps. Sonia found many other places to expose herself and tease us with her beauty... on top of a lion statue, in front of the giant gate to the pool area... she even stepped into a water fountain where she was sprayed with water from the trunks of elephants. And finally, with all of her clothes wet from the fountain, she stripped off her wet stockings and panties before going back into the hotel in her clinging wet dress!
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