Mountain Bound

Brad's Description
picture of a woman tied up outdoors in full-slip and full-cut nylon brief panties Sonia is sitting by a stream, when a stranger drives by and sees her from the mountain road. She's putting on her stockings after dipping her feet in the water. The stranger pulls his car over and stops for a better look. And she smiles as he steps out of his car. He asks her if she'd mind having him take her picture. She agrees to let him snap a few shots. But when he asks her to take off her dress so he can take a few pictures of her in her pretty underthings, she jokes with him saying the only way he'd get her dress off, is if she were tied up and helpless. Well... It's not long before her ankles are tied and she is being forced to expose her lingerie and more! First the dress comes off, exposing her beautiful vintage full-slip. Then her bra is removed, and her breasts are revealed through the very sheer fabric of her slip. Standing with her ankles tied together, the wind catches the hem of her slip and blows it up above her waist, revealing her baby blue nylon brief panties. And soon, her panties are around her knees, and her slip is coming off...
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