Naughty Housekeeper

Brad's Description
housekeeper wearing stockings panties high-heels nipples showing through Sonia is such a naughty housekeeper! She has dressed this way, just so she can tease you while she vaccuums the stairs. As she bends over to plug in the vaccuum, her skirt rides up a bit, giving you a glimpse of her pale green brief panties. When Sonia turns around, you notice her nipples poking through the big holes in her sweater. Half-way up the stairs, she decides to take of her skirt, continuing to vaccuum now, with her panties in plain view. And just when you begin to think you can't take any more, she grabs the waistband of her panties and pulls them down her legs, finishing her chores in nothing but her holey sweater, white nylons, and 6-inch pumps!
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