Neighbors' Backyard 1

Brad's Description
outside in full-cut nylon brief panties black patent leather high-heels While the neighbors are away, Sonia and Brad will play! Charged with the solemn duty of watching the neighbors' dog while they were away, we stole the opportunity to take some pictures in their backyard! After we gave the dog some treats to keep him busy, Sonia started climbing around their rock pool while I snapped some great pictures of her, capturing her beautiful body and sexy undergarments! This set includes many views up her skirt of Sonia's pretty pink brief panties and matching garter, as well as her sheer stockings and black patent leather pumps. Also, I could see through her shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra. So I asked her what she had under there, and she showed me!! I think she enjoyed showing me, as much as I enjoyed the sight :-)
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