Nightgown Morning (part 1)

Brad's Description
Nightgown Morning (part 1) Sonia awakes in the morning and comes downstairs in an ultra-feminine nightgown. The morning light, shining through the kitchen windows, illuminates her body and the only item of clothing she is wearing beneath her gown - a pair of sheer white ruffled panties. As Sonia prepares her coffee and a little something to eat, her body is revealed from many angles. Then, with her coffee in hand, she steps outside to get the morning paper from the driveway. It's amazing to see her dressed in such a sexy and revealing nightgown, out there in front of our house, exposing herself to any early-rising neighbors that might see her from their homes or from their cars as they drive by! Everyone should have a neighbor like Sonia... but since they can't, the next best thing is having these pictures :-) 
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