Pale Pink Dainties (part 2)

Brad's Description
picture of blonde on bed in see-through panties In this second part of Sonia's "Pale Pink Dainties" series, things get even hotter! First we see a couple of close-ups of her pretty little "Hug Me" panties. Then Sonia starts teasing us with her panties, giving us little peeks here and there, and pulling them down over her hips. Ever so slowly, she reveals more and more as she slides her panties down her thighs, past her knees, and down to her ankles. And while this is happening, her little pink top slips off of her breasts, revealing her soft, round contours. In this vulnerable position, she looks into the camera, biting her lip, obviously enjoying her teasing as much as we are enjoying the tease (this is my favorite picture - palepink221.jpg). Finally, Sonia peels off her pale pink stockings, and finishes the series, wearing nothing but her feather boa, and her sexy little pink fluffy slippers!
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