Panties & Petticoats (part 3)

Brad's Description
picture of mature beauty in satin bikini panties In the third part of this beautiful series, Sonia is wearing a sheer petticoat pulled up over her breasts. She has trouble keeping herself covered as her boobs keep popping out the top and her sparkling satin bikini panties keep peeking out the bottom. And those panties... Oh my god! Sonia looks so hot in her little shiny bikini panties. I snapped lots of close-ups of her panties as she teased me while I was taking the pictures. Some of the shots are so close it looks like you could just reach out and touch the silky material. Sonia is an amazing panty tease through the whole photo set, pulling her little panties down to give some private peeks and showing them from all different angles. If you're a panty lover like me, I think you'll agree that this is the stuff that panty dreams are made of!
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