Pantyhose Spanking (part 1)

Brad's Description
pantyhose spanking What happens when Sonia gets a run in her beautiful sheer Victoria's Secret pantyhose? Well, she gets a spanking of course! Sonia is bent over the back of the couch, her short little pleated skirt is lifted up to her waist, and her pantyhose are pulled down to her thighs to expose her firm rounded bottom. She tries to block the smacks to her bottom, but is unable to prevent the reddening of her cheeks. Then, for further punishment, she is made to stand in the corner with the hem of her skirt pulled up and tucked into the waistband so that her red bottom is exposed. And when she is caught trying to pull her pantyhose back up, she is made to pull them down even lower. But her punishment isn't over yet! Sonia's punishment continues in part 2...
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