Peach Briefs Sheer Slip

Brad's Description
Peach Briefs Sheer Slip Sonia starts off wearing the full-slip from Peach Full-Slip. Leaning against the wall for balance, she steps into a beautiful, large-fitting, pair of peach colored brief panties. After changing into a VERY sheer half-slip and a sheer nylon shorty robe, she lies down on the bed to read some erotic stories. Much to my delight, she allows me to take close-up pictures of her as she is reading, even allowing me to lift up her slip and peel her panties down over her hips. For the last few pictures, Sonia is wearing a pair of white briefs that I dressed her in. And there is a series of close-ups of her breasts as they escape the confines of her push-up bra. I love these close-up pictures! They make me feel like I am THERE . . . again :-)
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