Pink Chiffon Maid (part 2)

Brad's Description
Pink Chiffon Maid (part 2) This second part of Sonia's "Pink Chiffon Maid" series strikes at the heart of my adolescent fantasies! To see such a beautiful woman dressed in such sexy, revealing, feminine clothing, and doing something that (at least in my generation and those before me) is such a traditionally feminine role, speaks to the 14 year old boy within me (forgive me feminists). Sonia's see-through chiffon apron, her pink chiffon blouse, her sheer bikini panties with pink ruffles on the butt, her pale pink stockings, and her pink high-heel pumps, are for me the ideal outfit for any maid (or housewife) at work. And when she pours a little water on herself to cool down, that's when things really heat up :-)
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