Pink China

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Pink China
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Sonia is dressed up like a China doll in her pink satin Chinese-style mini dress. As she lounges in her hotel room, she gives you peeks at her tan full-fashion stockings. And when she crosses and uncrosses her legs, letting her high-heel dangle from her toe, you get a peek at her pretty white lace bikini panties. In fact, she gives you many peeks up her satin dress from all different angles... sitting, standing, front and rear. There is one especially breathtaking rear-view close-up shot as she bends over the couch. This shot is worth the entire photo set, in my opinion... but there are many others! Slowly she unzips the back of her dress, then lowers it, exposing the lacy cups of her white bra. And after slowly removing her bra, she slips the satin dress over her hips and down to the floor. The series ends with one final shot of Sonia leaning up against the wall wearing nothing but her stockings, garter, and six-inch heels!
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