Pink Nylon Pink Lace

Brad's Description
Pink Nylon Pink Lace Sonia is wearing pink full-fashioned nylon stockings, pink lace panties and a matching lace bra, and a vintage pink full-slip with lace cups at the top and accordian pleated lace at the hem. All of these feminine undergarments are the perfect compilment to her soft feminine beauty. Perched atop her pink high-heel pumps, she lifts the hem of her slip, revealing her stocking tops and garter straps as Ivana (making a special appearance in this photo set) helps straighten the seams on Sonia's silky pink stockings. Then with her seams properly straightened, Sonia slides her slip down off of her shoulders and over the soft curves of her hips, before letting it fall to the floor. She bends forward revealing the ample cleavage of her breasts, then teasingly pulls her bra straps down her arms and lets the cups fall away from her breasts. Her striptease continues until she stands naked in front of the bathroom mirror for several stunningly beautiful photos that will make you feel as if you're standing there in the room with her.
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