Pink Panty Playin' (part 1)

Brad's Description
Sheer pink panty upskirt picture Panty Play Magazine was doing a review of our website. They liked it so much, that they offered Sonia a layout. These pictures (and those that will follow in set #134) are the ones that we shot for that pictorial layout. They used 22 of them in the magazine, but we are showing 48 in this set and another 45 in the following set. Sonia is wearing a super short crop top sweater, which fails repeatedly to cover her bountiful breasts (now that's the kind of failure I like!). She is also wearing a flowered mini-skirt which allows lots of peeks at her sexy, pink, all-sheer, see-through bikini panties. Her shapely legs are covered with the finest silky full-fashioned stockings. And on her feet she is wearing an amazing pair of hot-pink 6-inch pumps! It goes without saying, that I have a great time photographing Sonia. But when you see these pictures, I think you'll see that Sonia was having a great time too!
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