Private Dancer

Brad's Description
see-through panties, girdle, bustier, corset, stockings, heels In this series, Sonia is dressed in a little mini-dress with an open bottom girdle underneath. She dances for me, as I take pictures, letting her dress ride up to reveal the open bottom girdle underneath. Sonia may not NEED a girdle, but she sure does look good in one! After dancing for a little while, she pulls her dress down off of her shoulders and steps out of it. You can then see the white bustier she is wearing, with her white girdle, white stockings, and white spike heels. There is something so erotic about seeing these utilitarian department store undergarments under such a sexy little dress. After she removes her dress, there are several pictures of her adjusting her girdle, then posing on the bed before she unzips the girdle and pulls it off, revealing the super-sheer white panties underneath. This set has two pictures that show more of Sonia's face than she has shown in previous photo sets - one partial profile and one full length shot from the front. If I had to pick my favorite series, this would probably be it. But then ask me when I am looking at another of her sets. Thank god I don't have to pick!
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