Sheer Dress at Caesars (part 2)

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Sonia's exhibitionist adventure, at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, continues as she shows off her sexy underthings right there on The Strip. In front of a fountain, she lowers her dress and shows us her pretty bra, panties, stockings and garter. She even sneaks under the railing and sits in the fountain at the foot of a god-like male statue, with the top of her dress and her bra cups lowered to expose her creamy breasts. This photo set ends with nine *rare* shots of Sonia standing completely nude next to a female statue, with nothing but her hands to cover her. She and the godess-statue are about the same height, and in several pictures are posing the same. And if it weren't for Sonia's tan, it would be difficult for me to tell which one is the true godess :-)
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