Sheer Blouse (part 2)

Brad's Description
sheer blouse As I was taking pictures of Sonia getting ready to go out (Sheer Blouse 1), we were having so much fun that we decided to stay home and play chess in bed. So Sonia put on her little white mini skirt and went down to the kitchen to get some refreshments. Then back in bed, I continued taking pictures of her lounging on the bed as we played our game of chess. I got some unbelievable pictures, including some great close ups of her breasts and some beautiful peeks up her skirt of her see-through, sheer white bikini panties. We decided part way through the game that the winner would get to tie up the loser (actually there are no losers in this game). Somehow I won, despite the obvious distractions! I think Sonia let me win the game, because she knows that no one wants to see pictures of ME tied to the bed posts! :-)
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