Sheer Briefs Lace Robe

Brad's Description
picture of a woman wearing sheer brief panties lace bra and nightgown You pay a surprise visit to your sexy neighbor, Sonia. When you arrive, you knock but there is no answer. Then you notice the door is unlocked, and you let yourself in. Sonia is on her way down the stairs when you step in. And you're surprised and delighted to find that she is dressed in only a skimpy sheer bra, see-through nylon brief panties, 6-inch high-heel pumps, and a full-length lace robe. "I just stepped out of the shower," she explains. And once you assure her that you're not offended, she begins to tease you by rubbing lotion on her legs. Then when you tell her how much you like her pretty panties, she begins teasing you with them, putting on a mind-blowing panty show for you!
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