Shiny Yellow Panties

Brad's Description
shiny sheer panties nylon stockings legs garter high-heels Sonia is preparing the dining room table for guests. Her crocheted top clearly reveals the pretty yellow bra and shiny yellow panties she's wearing underneath. Her silky nylon stockings beg to be touched. As she moves about the table I get pictures from all angles, including some great close-ups of her shiny silky panties, her long shapely legs, and her bra which you can see through her crocheted top. Seductively she reaches up behind her back and unclasps her bra, setting her breasts free. Her nipples quickly find their way out, peeking through the large holes in her top. Then Sonia really begins teasing, pulling her panties down, reaching inside, revealing more and more, until she ends up writhing on the floor in pleasure.
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