Sonia & Taylor Play Pool

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Sonia and Taylor look so good together in this photo set. They contrast in so many ways... Taylor is wearing a black dress, black fishnet stockings, and black pumps, while Sonia is wearing a pink dress, pink full-fashion stockings, and pink pumps. Sonia has straight blond hair, and Taylor has curly brown hair. But actually, that's where the contrast ends. They are both beautiful women with unbelievable bodies! And those bodies become more and more revealed through this photo set as Sonia and Taylor play with each other. Soon Taylor's red satin merry widow and her matching thong panties are revealed as Sonia helps her remove her dress. Just as Sonia's sheer pink bikini panties are revealed when Taylor lifts up Sonia's hem. This photo set was so much fun to shoot... but when you see these pictures, I think you'll see that they had just as much fun with each other, as I had photographing them.
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