Sonia's Panty Drawer (part 1)

Brad's Description
Picture of a woman's panty drawer Ahhh... the wonders of a woman's panty drawer! What wonderful mysteries and delights are contained in this most private place in a woman's bedroom. I'm sure most of you at one time or another, have explored the panty drawer of someone you know... nervous and excited to see all the different styles, colors, and fabrics of panties she wears... knowing you're seeing a part of her intimate wardrobe not meant to be explored by the uninvited. But this time you ARE invited! In this photo set you enter Sonia's bedroom and watch as she gives you a peek into her panty drawer, then tries on some of the silky delicate underwear she finds there. Starting in a tiny thong panty, Sonia soon finds some beautiful full-cut panties to wear as she looks in her drawer for even more panties to try on!
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