Strip Pool

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secretary wearing silky half-slip see-through panties stockings and high-heels
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Picture this... You're playing pool with Sonia. She's wearing a short satin dress with lace at the bottom. Underneath that, she is wearing baby blue briefs, half-slip and bra. On her legs she is wearing garters, white thigh-high stockings with lace ruffle at the top, that keeps peeking out from under her dress, and white pumps with ankle straps. She says with a knowing grin, "let's play for something." You say, "okay, how about strip pool?! Every time I sink a ball, you have to take off a piece of clothing!" You're just joking with her, but she accepts the challenge! She, of course, whips you mercilessly in the game, because you can't keep your attention on the table (and because she's pretty damn good!). But before you lose the game, you manage to sink enough balls to have Sonia down to her stockings, garters and heels. I guess it IS possible for both people to win!! :-) 
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