The Duck Pond

Brad's Description
blue denim dress, satin panties, bra, stockings, garter, high-heels This is our first outdoor daytime series! Sonia wanted to feed the ducks at the duck pond of a local college. So, I brought the camera, the laptop, and a couple sets of batteries and we turned the little exhibitionism expedition into a new photoset! This set is filled with great images of Sonia at her best!! There are numerous views up her skirt, panty shots, leg shots...The set starts with Sonia at the side of the pond feeding the ducks and pigeons. I asked her to take off her bra, so she did this little trick where she takes it off without taking off her top. Later, after I get some nice shots of her walking up some stairs she let me get a few pics of her exposing her beautiful breasts! On the way back down, she stops and sits on the stairs on the way down - I got a close up of her dangling one of those nice black pumps from her toe - then she makes her way back to the pond where I get some more shots of her sitting and squatting next to the pond from several angles. There are several pics that show her lovely face too (these were some of the first shots to show Sonia's face).
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