Washing Windows

Brad's Description
white mini-skirt pink stockings pumps lace panties There is something wonderfully sexy about a beautiful woman doing ordinary chores in an extraordinary outfit. And "Washing Windows" is a perfect example. From the first picture, where you see Sonia filling her water bucket dressed in a thin white scoop-neck blouse, a flirty white mini-skirt, and shimmering pink stockings with pearlescent pink pumps, you know that her tiny bit of modesty will soon be undone. You know you'll be able to see her pretty pink lace panties, as well as her tantalizing stocking tops and the sexy garter belt holding them up, when she climbs up her step-stool. And the thin scoop-neck blouse Sonia's wearing will soon reveal her bountiful breasts as she bends over, her deep cleavage exposed for your voyeuristic pleasure. And when wet, her blouse displays her pert nipples, then stretches and falls from her shoulders, exposing her voluptuous breasts in all their glory. But what's even better is the view from inside, as Sonia reaches high on the window, smashing her beautiful breasts into the wet glass!
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