White Dress Flowered Briefs (part 2)

Brad's Description
flowered Vanity Fair brief panties white high-heels Sonia starts this second part of the series with her white dress in hand. She looks so sexy in her pretty flowered brief panties! Then, she very slowly slides her panties down over her hips, and her butt, then down her legs, to her ankles and then the floor! I think I lost track of things here and forgot to keep taking pictures. But somehow, in the next picture, Sonia is standing naked in just her white 5 1/2 inch pumps :-) I hope you will understand my lack of professionalism in forgetting to take the pictures of her as she took off her stockings and garters. But maybe when you see the other pictures, you will know how I could have been distracted. Sonia then steps bare-legged back into her panties, and then her dress. And she beckons you to follow as she climbs the stairs to her bedroom, giving you peeks at her panties all the way!
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