White Olga Briefs (part 1)

Brad's Description
full-fashioned nylon stockings high-heeled pumps white nylon full-cut olga brief panties All dressed up in a flared skirt, skin-hugging tank top, classic tan full-fashioned nylon stockings, and sexy high-heeled pumps, Sonia sits in the lobby of a Maui hotel. Her legs tucked up on the couch beside her, reveal the white nylon material of her full-cut Olga brief panties. Stepping out of the lobby and onto the beachfront patio, a light Hawaiian breeze catches the hem of her skirt and blows it up, revealing even more of her white Olga brief panties underneath. She has trouble keeping her little skirt down, and when she realizes her panties are showing, she teases a little bit, pulling them just down over her hips and then back up again.
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