Who's the Boss?

Brad's Description
office secretary pictures upskirt stockings panties You are working for a lingerie distributor, and Sonia is your boss! The order for the Spring line is due tomorrow and she asks you to stay late to help her wrap things up. You notice that Sonia is wearing several of the items that are in the new catalog. Under her see-through blouse you can see that she is wearing the merry-widow with the flowers embroidered on the cups. As her skirt rides up her legs, you see that she is wearing the new tan stockings with the embroidered stay-up tops. Later, when you are standing at her desk, she stands up and bends over to look for one of the catalogs in her bottom drawer. Her short skirt rides up and you see that she is wearing the thong panties that match the merry-widow. And when she sits back down you see that the sheer front of her panties leave little to the imagination! As you're discussing which panties to order, one of the buttons pops open on her sheer blouse and your eyes are drawn to her deep, soft cleavage. And when she leans over the desk to point to an item in the catalog, one of her erect nipples pops out of its cup! How can she possibly expect you to keep your mind on your work!?
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