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- Mother and Son Exhxibitionist Stories -

A Boy's Erotic Education

A Helping Hand - he can't resist the fun that starts, when flirting with a very busty older woman, that lives in his mother's senior apartments

A Loving Mother - An innocent young son's curiosity, and his loving mother's willingness to satisfy that curiosity, lead to more and more.

A Night at the Pool Hall - sexy busty wife tells a story of her exhibitionism after her husband dares her.

A Proper Upbringing

A Voyeur's Dream - he enjoys his wife's exhibitionism

Adventures in Medical Fem-Dom

Aunt Betty Takes Me In - mutual exhibitionism, voyeurism

Aunt Betty the Nudist

Aunt Carol - young man stays with exhibitionist aunt - by Christopher

Aunt Dorothy - lingerie and panty fetish erotica at it's best!

Aunt Karen - boy controlled by women - not part of, or related to, the other Aunt Karen series

Auntie Alice 4 - three women gang up on him! - by Bob

Exposed Naked for the First Time - young girls spying on him naked in bed... and so begins his enjoyment of exhibitionism

Flashing Mother-in-Law Ch. 5

Granny Knows Best (ch. 5)

Home Alone with My Mother-In-Law - Daughter invites her MILF of a mother to stay with her and her husband. Busty beautiful and flirty, it could be dangerous having her around.

I Love Panties - voyeur taking upskirt pictures at the mall discovered by a willing subject

Kathy - continuation of "The Avon Lady" (which is a spin-off of "Rick and Caroline") - by Bob

Lingerie Model - first time lingerie model - by Deb8ter

Little Helpers - sexy woman gets some help from the boys next door

Medical Exam - by Spyder

Modern Health Care? (chapter 1) - A young, injured, male baseball player receives special treatment from his stepmother, neighbor, and classmates and a female Doctor in the local emergency room. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Modern Health Care? (chapter 2) - Our hero endures extended periods of nudity in front of more girls and women as he works off his debt, doing everything they deman of him. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Modern Health Care? (chapter 3) - And now he's taken to the school to pose nude for the class of female art students. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Mom's Erotic Displays - her increasing exhibitionist tendancies around the house are enough to get his adolescent arousal piqued.

Mom's Humiliating Catfight - Defending her son gets them both into a humiliating, yet erotic, situation.

Mom's Panty Seduction

Mrs. Carmen Sheldrake - dominated and humiliated by the beautiful and sexy neighbor lady

My Mother-in-Law 4 - the eroticism escalates in this installment

My Nephew's Naughty Secret - by Elaine

My Paperboy

My Perverted Aunty

My First Exposure (part 1) - Meeting my paperboy - voyeurism/exhibitionism.

My First Exposure (part 2) - Teasing my paperboy- voyeurism/exhibitionism.

My First Exposure (part 3) - Teaching my paperboy - voyeurism/exhibitionism.

Naked with Aunty - exhibitionism around the house


Nude in Public - a young woman introduces her girlfriend to her exhibitionist modeling career

Panty Thief

Peter File #07

Peter File #12

Richard's Condition

School Daze

Slutty Best Friends

Teasing Wife


The Aunt and the Nephew (part 3)

The Exhibitionist

The First Time My Penis Got Touched

The Teacher

Tutor Tits

Voyeur Obsessed with Full-Cut Briefs

Wife becomes an Exhibitionist - The First Year

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