- The Early Years -

In 1997, my husband Brad and I started a little website we called Sonia's Homepage.  It had no domain name at first - just a shared space on our ISP's server.  Within a couple of months, we had a real domain - SoniaHome.com.  I only had 10 photo sets at the time, and they were shot on our state-of-the-art (LOL) digital camera at its maximum resolution (640 X 480).  In those early photo sets I didn't show my face or I blurred it out in my pictures in order to protect my anonymity. We were just having fun, doing what we enjoyed, with no idea what would come of it.

Soon, thanks to many of you, our humble little website developed into a real business for us and became SoniaDane.com.  Over the years, I removed many of those early photo sets from my site as they were replaced by my newer pictures.  I've since been reluctant to bring many of them back to my site, because I didn't feel they met our newer standards.  But recently, so many of you have asked me to bring them back, that I couldn't say no!  So I hope you will forgive the blurred faces and lower resolution of these pictures and view them for what they are - a look back at how we got started - a look back at the early years.

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The Sunset Trail
classic vintage vanity fair half-slip and camisole with sheer bikini panties stockings garters and heels
Sonia & Friend Playing Pool
Sonia looking up her friend's skirt at her satin and lace panties
Wet 'n' Wild
picture of a woman wearing a wet see through dress wet see through panties wet see through bra and wet see through slip with stockings and heels
Sonia's Bikini Panties vol. 2
sonia wearing satin bikini panties and lace bra
Sheer Lavender
Sheer lavender babydoll nightie
Stairway to Heaven
lacy bra and panties with stockings and heels
She Loves Me Knot
tied up wearing a long nylon half-slip with a camisole and satin bra and panty set
Pretty in Pink
pink panties upskirt picture
Tweed Skirt
white panty upskirt picture tweed skirt see-through blouse black stockings
Car Wash
downblouse picture wet t-shirt bare feet
Sonia in Panties
Sonia wearing silky full-cut brief panties with nightgown bra stockings and heels
Sonia Strips
sonia strips to bra and satin panties
Private Dancer
see-through panties, bustier, corset, girdle, stockings
Shimmering Blue
Blonde MILF in satin panties bra and nightgown
Blue Denim
denim dress satin panties white bra garter stockings & high-heels
Sheer Pleasure
sheer see-through nightgown
The Duck Pond
satin panty upskirt picture black patent pumps
Sonia's Slips
sonia in a blue half-slips with lace
Sonia's Briefs
Sonia's Briefs Vol.1 picture
Sonia's Bikini Panties
black see-through panties
Sonia's Thong Panties
white thong panties white bra white stockings garter & high-heels
Sonia's Slips vol.2
picture of a woman in girdle stockings half-slip longline bra high-heels
White Pantyhose
White pantyhose, satin skirt, see-through blouse
Beige Pantyhose
upskirt pantyhose picture with high-heels
Sonia's Slips vol.3
picture of sonia wearing a silky bra with half-slip garter and see-through bikini panties
Breakdown (part 1)
see-through blouse bra stockings garter high-heels
Breakdown (part 2)
push-up bra, lace garter, thong panties, mini-skirt, outdoors
Breakdown (part 3)
downblouse wet t-shirt mini-skirt high-heels outdoors
Full Open-Bottom Girdle
picture of sonia wearing a full open-bottom girdle with nylon stockings and high-heels
Blue Slip
blue full-slip white olga brief panties pink stockings & high-heels
Sonia's Briefs
Sonia's Briefs Vol.2 picture
Sonia's Slips vol.4
full-slip stockings garter and heels
Hard at Work
secretary in office wearing sheer panty-slip black stockings high-heels bra
Love in an Elevator
(part 1)
seamed stockings, strappy high-heels, leather mini-skirt, upskirt panties, on an elevator
Love in an Elevator
(part 2)
picture of a woman stripping to her panties and stockings in an elevator
Sonia's Briefs
Picture of woman bending over in brief panties stockings high-heels
Glimmering Gold
& Baby Blue
yellow full-cut brief panties baby blue brief panties
Sonia's Briefs
close-up picture of woman's butt in brief panties
Strip Pool
half-slip, full brief panties, stockings, high-heels, lace bra
Sonia Gets Spanked
sonia gets spanked with her panties pulled down
Sonia's Half-Slips
pink nylon half-slip stockings bra high-heels
Sonia's Full-Slips
lacy red nylon full-slip
Business or Pleasure
(part 1)
picture of blonde woman wearing see-through blouse bra short skirt
Business or Pleasure
(part 2)
pictures of a woman wearing a see-through blouse lace bra white thong panties seamed stockings and high-heels
Business or Pleasure
(part 3)
classy wife in pink slip stockings garter bra high-heels
Sonia Ties Up
Sonia Ties Up Silver
Ivory Girdle
Ivory Girdle RHT Stockings
Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom - Full-Slip
Peeping Tom (Girdle)
peeping tom girdle stockings high-heels
Peeping Tom
Half-Slip Girdle Stockings Ankle Strap Heels
Blue Velvet
white stockings blue velvet gown high-heels pumps upskirt panty peek
Tweed Mini-Skirt
Tweed Mini-Skirt
Night Shift
under desk upskirt picture white lace panties stockings high-heels
& Flowered Briefs
full-slip & flowered brief panties with high-heels and stockings
Sheer Layered Slip
sheer chiffon petticoat slip nylon stockings high heels bra thong panties
Prom Night
Prom Night
Lingerie Shopping
upskirt picture see-through panties lingerie stockings high-heels
Hot Pink
white panties upskirt hot pink mini dress seamed stockings strappy high-heels
Who's the Boss?
Who's the Boss?
Lady in Red
Lady in Red
pink see-through panties high-heels legs outdoors
Sheer Blouse
(part 1)
Sheer Blouse (part 1)
Sheer Blouse
(part 2)
Sheer Blouse (part 2)
Neighbors' Backyard
(part 1)
Neighbors' Backyard (part 1)
Neighbors' Backyard
(part 2)
Neighbors' Backyard (part 2)
Neighbors' Backyard
(part 3)
Neighbors' Backyard (part 3)

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