Brad's Description
After a quick wardrobe change, Sonia and I continued shooting pictures in the beautiful Clift Hotel in San Francisco. With Sonia now wearing a sexy curve-hugging corset, I shot pictures of her on some of the very unusual furniture in one of the side lobbies of the hotel. Her breasts were practically bursting (I should say Busting!) out of her corset, and her little mini-skirt had a tendancy to creep up, giving some tantalizing leg-shots and teasing upskirt peeks. Then we got the idea to move to the elevator for the rest of the pictures, like we did in our "Love in an Elevator" series. The walls of the elevator had these amazing mirror-like surfaces that showed up as an incredibly vivid red-orange when lit with the flash. With our hearts pounding and blood pumping, Sonia let her skirt creep up even more and let her beautiful breasts escape from their questionable confines, knowing that at any moment other hotel guest might be coming to the elevator to take a ride up!
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