Baby Blue Petticoat

Brad's Description
see-through petticoat blue nylon bikini panties slip Yay!! Sonia's been dressing naughty and going out in public again! I love it when she does this! Wearing a see-through petticoat as a skirt, and a bra with a buttoned (or not-so-buttoned) sweater as a top, Sonia and I head out to a local shopping center to shoot some public pictures. This is one of our favorite things to do. We both love the element of danger and naughtiness as Sonia goes out in a daring outfit, then bares more and more, in a place where she could be seen at any moment! Sonia gives some heart-stopping peeks up her petticoat, at her pretty blue nylon bikini panties. They're shiny and silky and they definitely catch your eye each time you see them flash. Then she takes off her see-through slip and gets into the fountain where she gets her pretty pink stockings and her little blue panties all wet! Finally, her wet stockings come off and her petticoat goes back on, where it gets a quick soaking in the fountain too!
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