Red Satin & Black Nylon

Brad's Description
red satin gown see-through black panties garter belt black full-fashioned stockings Sonia is elegant and stunning in her red satin full-length formal gown. The red satin drapes sensuously over her feminine curves. When she lifts the hem to her waist, she gives us a peek at her see-through black panties, red satin garter belt, and black full-fashioned nylon stockings hidden underneath. In the backyard beside the pool, Sonia lounges, allowing a shoulder strap to fall away, exposing first one breast and then the other. As she continues her striptease, you realize that there is something especially erotic about seeing a woman dressed so elegantly, stripping off her clothes outdoors in the broad daylight, for any neighbor's wandering eye to see! First the satin dress drops to her feet, exposing the lacy front and see-through back of her little black bikini panties. Then she peels off her ultra sheer nylon stockings. Finally her garter belt comes off, leaving her in just her sexy black panties. And just when you think things couldn't get any better, Sonia steps into the hot tub and gets those panties nice and wet!
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