Sew Sexy

Brad's Description
panties stockings nipples lingerie panties Sonia is an absolutely mesmerizing combination of sexual temptress and domestic housewife in this titillating series of pictures. Laying out a sewing pattern on green velvet fabric, Sonia can't help but expose her pretty panties and stocking tops. Her pert nipples and full breasts strain at the thin fabric of her knit blouse. Her pleated satin skirt shines and draws your eyes to the tempting lingerie and panties she wears underneath. The six straps of her garter belt, and their little pink satin tabs, draw your eyes to the hem of her dress, hovering at the edge of her sheer panties. This brings us back to a time when knowing what a woman was wearing under her clothes, and getting small peeks at those items, was the root of our arousal. In this photo set Sonia proves once again, that wearing a skirt and a few feminine undergarments, and exposing them in a natural way, is the quickest way to excite and delight a man. And it's SEW sexy!
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