See-Through Dress (part 2)

Brad's Description
see-through dress panties see-through bikini panties The dream continues in part 2 of this series... We get to be a (very lucky) fly-on-the-wall in this photo set, as Sonia finishes baking her brownies. And at times we get to be a (very luck) fly-on-the-FLOOR, as in this sample picture. From each new angle Sonia is more and more breathtaking. Apparently the only thing standing between Sonia and her total comfort and freedom in the kitchen, are her panties, which she delicately removes from her perfect bottom... but not before teasing us wonderfully with the diaphanous see-through full-back nylon bikini panties. Sonia finishes her domestic duties, now delightfully free and temptingly revealed, with nothing but her stockings and garter beneath her see-through dress!
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