See-Through Dress (part 1)

Brad's Description
See-Through Dress (part 1) Sonia is a DREAM housewife in this photo set! Sonia is wearing this beautiful see-through dress in the kitchen as she is getting ready to bake some brownies. Underneath her dress, she is wearing a white petticoat, white lace bra, sheer white panties, white garter belt, and sexy coffee-colored RHT nylon stockings. Sonia is dressed just like a proper housewife of the 1950's, except for one small detail... her dress is nearly invisible!! As she closes her dishwashing machine, her petticoat gets caught in the door. Walking away, she nearly trips as her petticoat is pulled down her legs, exposing the pretty panties and garterbelt hidden underneath. Sonia wrestles with the petticoat, trying to pull it from the dishwasher, then finally gives up and leaves the crinoline behind as she steps out of it. Sonia is the eptiome of beauty, femininity, and glamourous sexuality as she ties a pretty little chiffon apron around her waist, adusts her garter straps, and begins to mix up her brownies. Annoyed with her bra straps as they keep falling from her shoulders, Sonia decides to slip out of her bra, leaving nothing but the sheer fabric of her dress between your eyes and her voluptuous breasts. What a sight to come home to!
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