Naughty Nika

Brad's Description
girl-girl bondage stockings lingerie pictures Nika has a habit of being naughty... and knowing this, Sonia sneaks up on Nika and catches her going through Sonia's lingerie drawers. Nika must be taught a lesson. And Sonia is just the woman to do it. She pushes Nika down on the bed, and pulls her pretty red dress off of her, revealing the naughty black lingerie and black full fashioned stockings, Nika is wearing underneath. Sonia, dressed in a skin-tight curve-hugging mini-dress, sheer white lingerie and white leather thigh-high boots, ties Nika to the bed posts. "If you're going to wear my lingerie," says Sonia, "then I'll be the one to pick it out, and dress you up!" Nika's wrists are tied with fishnet stockings. And a little pair of blue thong panties are pulled tightly across her mouth as a gag. Sonia is unable to keep her bra straps on her own shoulders as she takes a pair of scissors and cuts off Nika's bra. Sonia's own bountiful breasts escape their confines as she continues having her way with naughty Nika. If you like Sonia's girl-girl photo sets, you MUST see this one.Sonia and Nika are simply amazing together!
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