Babydoll Bedroom

Brad's Description
downblouse pic of sonia hanging lingerie on clothesline The babydoll nightgown, for me, is one of the icons of feminine attire. A babydoll nightie presents a beautiful sexy woman like Sonia, in the most sexually alluring way. Her breasts are served up to you in small ruffled cups that are barely sufficient to contain their arousing fullness. The bodice of the nightie is silky and see-through, not so much covering her body as highlighting it. And like a too-short mini-dress, the tiny bodice does nothing to cover the feminine ruffled panties hugging her womanly hips. Seeing a woman dressed in a sexy little babydoll nightgown, an invitation is formed in your mind. She seems to be saying "Look at me... I'm here for you... Drink me in with your eyes... Caress my curves with your hands... I'm yours... Come play with me..."
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