Watching Her Take a Bubble Bath

Brad's Description
milf with big boobs covered in bubbles Imagine that Sonia is the pretty lady that lives next door, your auntie, or your mom's best friend. You're alone with her in her house and she tells you she's going to take a bath. You've been staring at her all morning. She's wearing a see-through nightie and you keep eyeing her big breasts in her lace bra and her sweet bum in her see-through panties. She acts like it's normal to walk around the house this way in front of you. So you take a chance... "Can I go in the bathroom with you?" you ask. She answers, "Sure! As long as you promise not to tell anyone." The next 15 minutes are heaven as you watch her strip, get into the bath, and luxuriate in the bubbles. This is a fantasy come true. You're more aroused than ever before. And you're wishing you had pictures to help you remember this day.
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