Backyard Fantasy

Brad's Description
Backyard Fantasy Imagine looking over the fence into your neighbor's backyard and seeing Sonia there... dressed in a flirty white mini-skirt, shiny pink stockings, a sheer white blouse, and white high-heels. Her skirt is so short you can see the straps of her garters peeking out the bottom. You're not sure if she has seen you looking, but she seems to be putting on a show for you. You strain your eyes for a better look when she bends over, and you see that the pink panties she's wearing are very see-through! Sonia reveals more and more of her sexy lingerie and her voluptuous body as you watch in amazement. In this photo set Sonia pushes her own limits, revealing more of her beautiful body, both through her sheer lingerie and without it! And with the erotic energy Sonia exudes in these pictures, this series is destined to become a classic.
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