Vintage Turquoise Babydoll

Brad's Description
Vintage Turquoise Babydoll A nightie should enhance a woman's femininity, making the softness of her curves even softer, the silky touch of her skin even silkier, and the tempting secret places of her body even more tantalizing and alluring. This little turquoise beauty does all of that for Sonia... and more! It is a vintage nylon babydoll nightie made by Fredericks of Hollywood some time in the 1960s - back when women enjoyed more feminine clothing, and men liked it that way! The sheer turquoise nylon fabric of the two-piece babydoll makes promises of sensual delight as Sonia readies herself in her bedroom and then her bathroom. And her matching see-through nylon panties hint at the even more revealing views Sonia gives us toward the end if this series!
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