Black & White Silk Blouse

Brad's Description
Black & White Silk Blouse - picture Sonia has a gift of being sexy and elegant at the same time. Wearing her snuggly fitted silk blouse and white pencil skirt, Sonia exudes elegance and class while enticing us with her luscious curves. Her breasts practically spill out of her bra, peeking from behind the gaping top of her silk blouse, the buttons overtaxed with the job of holding her breasts at bay. And as she sits at a glass table working on her laptop computer, she reveals her see-through bikini panties, and her black-topped seamed stockings, which you can see looking up her skirt. This photo set is filled with voyeuristic peeks up Sonia's skirt and tantalizing downblouse shots as she works at the glass table. Then slowly, as Sonia does so well, she reveals more and more of what lies beneath her sexy and elegant clothes.
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