Tiny Pleated Mini-Skirt

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And I DO mean tiny! Sonia has just come home from the shoe store, where she purchased a hot little pair of white & clear open-toed slingback pumps. The little pleated mini-skirt Sonia is wearing in these pictures can’t be more than about 6 inches long! And as Sonia changes from her classic chocolate brown 6-inch stilletto heels, into her new slingbacks, it's impossible for her to hide her equally tiny shiny white half-slip that keeps peaking out from under her skirt. Her little skirt gives so many great views up her skirt as she changes her high-heels, that you can also see that Sonia’s wearing a sparkly and VERY SHEER pair of see-through panties. On top, Sonia is wearing a lace-up blouse that gapes open, providing some great downblouse shots and revealing more and more of her beautiful lacy D-cup bra as well as some sexy nipple-slips, as the photo set progresses. And on her shapely legs, Sonia is wearing copper colored RHT stockings that sparkle when the light hits them. Sonia removes her skirt and peels her stockings off, showing her bare legs, then offers a very revealing view of her see-through panties, and a peek at the wonder that lies beneath!
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