Blue Velvet

Brad's Description
white stockings blue velvet gown high-heels pumps upskirt panty peek
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Sonia is all dressed up and ready to go out. Her low-cut dress keeps giving you peeks at her breasts. She sits on the couch sipping a margarita, waiting to leave. When you walk in to let her know it's almost time to leave, she lifts up her dress to adjust her garter. You get distracted and sit down to watch her. As you catch glimpses of her stocking tops and panties, and an occasional glimpse down her top, you try to figure out if she is teasing you on purpose. She just gives you a knowing grin and continues to tease you. So you light a fire and have a cozy night at home as Sonia puts on a little show for you! Sometimes it's better to just stay home!!
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