Tweed Mini-Skirt

Brad's Description
upskirt peek white panties Sonia is so sexy in these pictures! Wearing her little crop-top blouse and her little tweed mini-skirt, she teases MERCILESSLY by showing her white nylon full-cut brief panties and by giving great downblouse shots (well... actually UP-blouse shots) of her braless breasts when she bends over. You can tell how much Sonia is enjoying herself when she starts playing with her panties - pulling them down, leaving them hanging on her legs, then taking them off and wrapping them around her breasts! This is incredible stuff!! In the end, Sonia puts her panties back on and she stands up, to give some great raised-skirt peekaboo shots. There are so many voyeuristic views up her skirt and downblouse shots in the series, and Sonia is at her sexy best! It's amazing that I was able to hold the camera steady for these pics.
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