Bound and Exposed

Brad's Description
Bound and Exposed Sonia looks so elegant in her beautiful vintage dress and lingerie. She gives you a few peeks up her dress and you see her pretty petticoat, the dark forbidden tops of her nylon stockings, and a flash of white nylon brief panties, just like women wore in the '40's '50s and '60s. She raises the skirt of her dress and you see the shiny white elasticized panels of her open-bottom girdle. She's reluctant to show more. But when her wrists are tied together and her ankles tied to the chair's legs, she doesn't have much of a choice! This photo set is a lingerie-voyeur's dream! ... Sonia... kneeling on the floor, bent over an ottoman, petticoats thrown up over her waist... close-up view of her panties... panties pulled down from underneath her girdle... dress unzipped... bra unclasped... erect nipples, full breasts hanging down in the loose front of her dress... girdle pulled up to her waist... silky panties exposed... pulled down a little... close-up of the top of her butt-cleavage, so clear you can see the goose bumps on her skin... dress pulled down to her waist... panties down to her knees... a ton of panties piled onto her body... Sonia... laying across her bed... exposed... contented... maybe not so victimized! Wow! 99 pictures! It was good for me... Was it good for you?!
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