Pink Petticoat

Brad's Description
Pink Petticoat This photo set is guaranteed to bring you back to a time when women were feminine, and feminine women enjoyed wearing layers of frilly and silky lingerie. Sonia is dressed in a lacy vintage dress that will take you straight back to the 1950's and 60's. Underneath, she is wearing a delicately layered and even more lacy, pink petticoat. Looking up Sonia's dress and petticoat, you'll see her see-through panties, matching garter belt, and the tops of her shiny nylon stockings. Slowly she changes her panties, trading them for a pair of pale peach lace-top brief panties, and then a pair of sparkling pink full-cut nylon brief panties. All the while, Sonia is giving some teasing and revealing peeks at the wonderful secrets that lie beneath her silken panties. This beautiful series ends with Sonia removing her nylon reinforced-heel-and-toe stockings for some of the sexiest shots of her shapely bare legs ever seen!
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